Just Recovery Kingston

Welcome! This group formed during COVID to “build back better” at the local level – a recovery that puts people and the environment first.

In 2022 we are working on the October municipal election, so that the next mayor and council deliver the changes Kingston needs, in housing, transit, climate action, and food justice.

Click here to download our Just Recovery Kingston Municipal Election toolkit. It outlines the policies we think can help make Kingston a city where we take care of the land, air, water, and each other. If you want to be part of this, email:


About us

Coalition Principles:

Fight for liberation, equity, and dignity for all

Climate action: shift to regenerative, sustainable systems (infrastructure, energy, water, food, community gardens, forests, habitats)

Decommodify the necessities of life: access to basic income, food security, affordable housing, transportation, utilities, physical and mental health care for everyone

Decolonize: ally with Indigenous peoples to realize Indigenous-led visions for decolonization

Democratize: deepen local democracy with those affected by policies having a meaningful say in those policies; engage those not usually involved by going to where they are in the community

Defund the Police: reallocate resources to mental health, housing, and the social determinants of health

Build global solidarity: work with movements struggling for equity across communities and borders

Ongoing Projects

Transit – Expanding fare-free transit in Kingston

Long term goal: Fare-free, green, excellent transit for all in Kingston.
Current goal:
 Surveying Kingston resident transit usage patterns, obstacles to transit usage + expanding access to public transport in Kingston.
Current Volunteer asks:

  • Volunteers to reach out to networks to share the transit survey.
  • Volunteers for organizational support.

Gardens – Expanding access to community gardens on city land

Long term goal: A city that values and publicizes how community gardens and edible food forests on city-owned land contribute to climate action leadership, local food security/sovereignty, and justice for equity-seeking groups.
Current goal:
 A city where every resident, regardless of background or ability, has access to the space, support and education to be able to produce their own food.
Current Volunteer asks:

  • Volunteers to reach out to networks to share letter templates as part of campaign; reach out to councillors and lobby for increased recognition for the importance of community gardens.
  • Volunteers to map out local neighbourhood spaces suitable for urban agriculture to create an urban agriculture mindset in Kingston.
  • Volunteers to build gardening knowledge, education and mentorship about growing food in urban areas to increase inclusivity in gardening.

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